Month: March 2017

  • Maintaining and Sustaining your MBCT service

    Find out how the explanatory model played out at different stages of the Implementation Journey: From Starting Out to Developing and Sustaining an MBCT service.

  • Establishing Networks

    Implementing MBCT is a difficult journey so you need to ensure that you are not alone. You will need to create a wide network in order to increase the level of formal and informal support. Click here to find out more about how some ASPIRE sites established their networks and […]

  • Evaluating an MBCT service

    Examples of how MBCT was evaluated within ASPIRE sites and what types of outcome measures used.

  • Making it fit

    In all the ASPIRE sites we saw that they all faced pressures that made it difficult to implement MCBT. Theses pressures include meeting service targets, financial pressures and changes to the organisation. To successfully navigate around theses issues there’s a need to align MBCT to […]

  • Implementation Journey

    Implementation Journey In order to present the ASPIRE findings in a practical way, we have used bike ride metaphor to present the findings. We also have a handout of the presentation for you to download.