Starting up an MBCT service is a journey and everyone has a different starting point. Depending on where you are on your journey you will need different guidance and resources.

You might be just starting or a bit further down the line and looking to develop your service to make it sustainable.

We have split the guidance into two sections;

1. Starting your Implementation Journey

The three key activities we have identified as important in order to make a start on your journey is that you first need to introduce MBCT to your service in a way that is going to help you make a strong case for it. You will also need to establish a network of support which will help you access essential resources. And lastly, in order to start your implementation journey you will need trained MBCT teachers

2. Maintaining and Sustaining an MBCT Service

The ASPIRE project suggest that the journey of creating, maintaining and sustaining and MBCT service have the following common characteristics:

  • The need to ‘make it fit’ the service you are working within.
  • Evaluating the service and learning from it.
  • Creating networks and building a culture.
  • Building a team to deliver.
  • Getting top-down buy in.
  • Creating a fit for purpose structure/governance.
  • Nourishing and sustaining yourselves and your colleagues.

“…you’ve got to remember mindfulness is a marathon not a sprint … ”


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